WBK Corona Virus Update

WBK Statement 21/03/2020: Coronavirus

In light of recent events and issues regarding Coronavirus, we are constantly assessing the situation and monitoring the guidance from Public Health Wales.

We have made the tough decision to close all clubs for the foreseeable future. The WBK is one of, if not the best Associations around for its standards of karate, discipline, resilience and toughness but also for it’s duty of care and responsibility. Hence why this decision came easy as ultimately the safety and well-being of our WBK community comes first.

To all of our dedicated karateka, keep practising and maintain a good level of fitness. All we can ask is for you to do your best in this difficult time. We want to avoid our returns being obstacles.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support. Stay healthy and safe in this uncertain time.

Jordan Hopkins

WBK Chairman

For clarity all clubs are closed until further notice:

· Cwmafan Bushi-Kai

· Margam Bushi-Kai

· Baglan Bushi-Kai

· Neath Bushi-Kai

· Gilfach Goch Bushi-Kai

· Llandeilo Bushi-Kai

· Swansea University Karate Club

WBK Statement: Coronavirus

WBK Statement: Coronavirus
In light of recent events and issues regarding Coronavirus. We are constantly assessing the situation and monitoring guidance from Public Health Wales. If you seek further guidance, please refer to the Public Health Wales link below:


We advise that any students, family members or instructors who are presenting symptoms that they please DO NOT attend any training sessions.
We ask that you adhere to this advice so that we can ensure a safe environment for all students, family members and instructors.
We are constantly taking advice from our facilities and their protocols as the events develop.
Please be advised that club instructors are being extra vigilant in cleaning procedures, restricting the use of communal equipment (focus pads, mitts, etc.) and will emphasise hand washing prior to, during and post training sessions.

  • At present, the following clubs are closed until further notice: Updated 18/03/2020
    · Baglan Bushi-Kai
    · Gilfach Goch Bushi-Kai
    · Llandeilo Bushi-Kai
    · Swansea University Karate Club
    . Neath Bushi-Kai

Please note that association members can train at clubs from across the association that remain open.
We will constantly update our website/social media platforms if any additional information comes to our attention and if any further clubs are forced to temporarily close.
Thank you for your continued understanding and support. Stay healthy and safe in this uncertain time.
Jordan Hopkins
WBK Chairman

Kyu Grading 15/03/2020


Congratulations to all of our students from across the Welsh Bushi-Kai for successfully passing their Kyu Grades this Morning. Fantastic to see such a busy Grading in our new Venue. Well done also to our Black and Brown Belts for completing the Sanbon Gumite Course. Thank you to our Instructors and assistant Instructors for help and dedication. Finally, many thanks to the families and friends who came along to watch the grading, we appreciate your support.


Brown Belt Grading 14/03/2020


Congratulations to the following students on passing their Brown Belt Gradings:
2nd KYU: Andrew Williams, Matthew Leavy (Neath)
3RD KYU: Jessica Bellingham (Llandeilo) – James Stanton, Neil Sullivan (Neath) – Kara Davies (Gilfach) – Josh Williams, Freya Williams (Cwmafan)

The Grading took place at our Cwmafan Dojo and after a final preparation session, all students put in some great performances to pass their grade exam.

Website Downtime

Website Downtime / Unavailability:

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the recent downtime of this Website, due to long overdue maintenance actions.
In addition, there may be times during the next few weeks that it will also be offline whilst certain aspects of the site are upgraded / updated.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that the correct Domain Name for this site is https://www.welshbushi-kai.org.uk  , or URL https://welshbushi-kai.org.uk . This ensures you get a connected to secure pages which display the padlock symbol in the address bar.

Please make sure that when accessing the site, or if linking to it from other Sites or Social Media that you use the https:  in the address and not http:
Using the http address may result in an insecure connection.

The WBK website does not store, contain or share any sensitive data of it’s members and as a matter of good practice, has an SSL Certificate enabled on it.



2020 Dan Grade Courses


Friday 21st February in Baglan dojo 7pm Renraku Waza

Sunday 15th March at the Kyu gradings in Margam dojo 9.30am. Head and Kick blocks.

Thursday 23rd April in Neath dojo 6.30pm advanced Kata.

Sunday 17th May in Swansea university club (the old Pavilion opposite Singleton hospital), 12 noon. Pinan Kata

Thursday 18th June in Cwmavon dojo 7.30pm. Kihon Gumite.

Sunday 5th July at the Kyu gradings in Margam dojo. 9.30am. Oyho Gumite.

Wednesday 16th September in Margam dojo 7pm. Advanced Kata.

Friday 16th October in Baglan dojo 7pm. Mock grading.

Sunday 15th November at the Kyu grading in Margam dojo 9.30am. Final preparations.

The Dan grading will take place on Sunday 22nd November in Baglan dojo. 10am start.

All students are required to have their licence books and cards signed by the instructors on the night / day of the course.

2020 Dan Grade Candidates

The following students have been registered for the 2020 Dan Grade training program:

Junior 1st Dan:
Tom Herbert
Sandro Divetta
Shauna Holley
Megan Pascoe
Isabelle Jones
Cassie Davies
Ella Pridham
Ava Griffiths
Halle Davies
Caitlyn Chesterman

Senior 1st Dan:
Salaman Tamaddori
Anthony Aitchison
Mike Gage
Helen Banham

2nd Dan:
Mathew Howard
Rob Howard
Brian Davies
Mark O’Leary
Kira Davies
Holly Taylor
Isabelle O’Leary
Angharad Aitchison
Wayne Damoo

3rd Dan:
Helena Sykes

The Dan grading will take place on Sunday 22nd November.
All course dates will published when available

2020 Grading Dates

2020 Grading Dates:

Dan Grading:
Sunday 22nd November
Baglan dojo. 10am start
Will club instructors forward all candidates names to WBK Admin by the end of this week please. Course dates to follow.

Brown Belt:
Saturday 14th March
Saturday 19th September
Cwmavon dojo. 10am start

Kyu Gradings:
Sunday 15th March
Sunday 5th July
Sunday 15th November
We have a new venue for the Kyu gradings:
Ysgol Cwm Brombil
Bertha road
Port Talbot SA13 2AN

Alastair Edwards R.I.P

Sadly, just prior to the Xmas break, the WBK learnt of the sad passing of Alastair Edwards, who trained with us for many years during the 80’s & 90’s and who was a valued and well respected member of the Afan Lido Karate Club.
The WBK would like to offer our sincerest condolences to his family and friends on their sad loss. He will be remembered and missed by everyone.

Alastairs’ funeral service takes place on Monday 13th January at 12 noon, at Margam Crematorium.

Rest easy old friend.




Dan Grading

Congratulations to the following students on passing their Dan Grade examination yesterday.

Natalie Gallagher 2nd Dan
Francoise Robert 2nd Dan
Faye Phillips. 1st Dan
Commitment, dedication, determination and having the right attitude has paid off.
Well done.