Grading Info

From WBK Admin, Liz

“Dan grading resit.
This grading will take place next Monday 9th December in Baglan dojo. Doors open at 6.30pm and the grading will begin at 7pm.
If possible can candidates please let me have their licence books by this Friday otherwise I’ll have them at the grading.

The next Dan grading will take place on
Sunday 26th April 2020 in Baglan dojo. 10am start.
If all instructors can forward their student names to me by 14th December please.
Also if you require Dan grade packs please let me know.
The Dan grade courses will take place during January, February and March. Dates to be confirmed.”

Kyu Gradings


Congratulations to all students across the Welsh Bushi-Kai for successfully completing their course and passing their Kyu Gradings this morning! With a special mention to those who jumped their first grading, White Belt to Yellow Belt (8th Kyu).

Well Done to our Brown & Black Belt candidates who attended the senior grade course #welshbushikai

Baglan Training Time.

Baglan Karate Club:
Please note that the Monday training session will now be held 7pm – 8:30pm from 21st October.

Re-test Date Change

From WBK Admin: Date Change for Dan Grade Re-Test.

The date for the Dan Grade resit has changed & it will now take place on Monday 9th December in Baglan dojo at 7.30pm.
There will be no charge for this grading.

Dan Grade Re-test

From WBK Admin

The date for those students who wish to re-attempt their Dan grading is:

7pm in Baglan karate club.

Please note: the grading fee will be half of the original grading fee.

Could all instructors please give names to Admin Office by Friday 4th October.

Dan Grading.

IMG_1251 IMG_1249

Dan Grading Report
Many congratulations to our students who successfully passed their Dan Gradings this morning. It has been a tough journey and today was the toughest part, Well Done!

For those students who were unsuccessful, be proud of what you have achieved so far and the journeys you have been on. Today wasn’t your day and unfortunately didn’t meet the mark during the examination. Failure isn’t the end of the road (I know from experience). Keep up your hard work and commitment. Please continue to respect and work alongside your instructors! A re-examination will be organised during December.

On behalf of the WBK Committee and Dan Grade Panel, thank you for the huge amount of spectators who attended the grading today. It was fantastic to see so much support for the candidates.

Jordan Hopkins
WBK Chairman

Kumite Course – Joe Kellaway

The Welsh Bushi-Kai welcomes Joe Kellaway to our Cwmafan Dojo this coming Saturday for a Kumite Seminar. Joe is one of the UK’s biggest karate athletes and is apart of the Team GB set up for the 2020 Olympics!

We cannot wait to welcome Joe to our association and learn from such a well respected and decorated karate-ka!

#welshbushikai #joekellaway #wkf #kumite


Dan Grade Assessment


Friday 23rd August is the Dan grade assessment in Baglan at 7pm.
Only those candidates who pass the assessment will be allowed to attempt the Dan Grading in September.

Any candidate who is unable to attend this assessment should inform their Club Instructor who will arrange an alternate date if possible.

Admin Office Email

Important: Admin Office New Email Address.

Please be advised that the Welsh Bushi-Kai Admin Office / Officer has a new email address.
New address:

Previous admin email was compromised and has been locked by server


Course Dates

Sunday 14th July
Basics Dan grade course for those attempting their Dan grades in September.
10am – noon in Baglan dojo
£5 fee.

Friday 23rd August
The assessment will take place tonight for all those students taking their Dan grade in September. If anyone can’t make it please inform Lizin advance.
Will all senior grades please make themselves available for the assessment.
Baglan dojo 7pm – 8.30pm.
Normal dojo fee applies.

The week long course prior to the Dan grading will be as follows:
1. Monday 16th September
Cwmavon dojo 7.30-8.30pm
2. Tuesday 17th September
Gilfach Goch dojo 7.00-8.00pm
3. Wednesday 18th September
Margam Bushi-Kai dojo 7.00-8.00pm
4. Thursday 19th September
Neath dojo 6.30-8.00pm
5. Friday 20th September
Baglan dojo 7.00-8.30pm

On Friday 20th September in Baglan Liz will collect licences and grading fees for all those attempting their Dan grade on Sunday 22nd September.
The Dan grading will take place in Baglan dojo with a 10.00am start