Dan Grading

Welsh Bushi-Kai Dan Grade Procedure & Criteria

Applicable to all Dan Gradings from 2012

Download Dan Grade Criteria [Here]


1st Dan Candidate – Minimum of 9 mths as 1st Kyu … ( Min age is 10 yrs )
2nd Dan Candidate – Minimum of 2 yrs as 1st Dan … ( Min age is 16 yrs – reassessed at 18yrs )
3rd Dan Candidate – Minimum of 3 yrs as 2nd Dan … ( Min age is 21 yrs )
4th Dan Candidate – Minimum of 4 yrs as 3rd Dan … ( Min age is 30 yrs )
5th Dan Candidate – Minimum of 5 yrs as 4th Dan … ( Min Age is 35 yrs )

The minimum times between Grades listed above relates to periods of regular and uninterrupted training.

WBK Admin Officer will inform Club Instructors of Dan Grade registration date, typically within 1 month of last Dan grading.
Club Instructors will register his or her students as Dan Grade Candidates with the Admin Office.
Once registered, the Dan Grade Candidates will be issued with the Dan Grade Info pack, and will begin the required training program.
Being registered is not a guarantee that the Candidate will take the Grade Examination.

Dan Grade Candidates should be training at their own Club twice weekly (where possible) and at least once a fortnight at another Club with one of the Association Senior Grades (4th Dan & Above).
It is at these additional sessions that your Training Record card needs to be signed.  Candidates will be expected to attend any courses or assessments organised by the Dan Grade Panel


The Final Assessment of candidates will take place 4-6 weeks prior to the Dan Grading.
Only those students who meet the standards set by the WBK Senior Grades will then be allowed to continue with the training program, including the week-long Dan Grade Course and onto the Dan grading itself.
Students who are assessed as not yet ready to grade will be forwarded as Candidates for the next Dan Grading later in the year.

The Decision on which student goes onto the pre-grade course and attempt their Dan Grade is made by the Dan Grade Examiners and their decision is final.

The Welsh Bushi-Kai takes great pride in the standard of Karate taught within the Association and it takes a great deal of dedication, determination and skill to achieve the rank of Dan Grade. There are no guaranteed passes; it’s up to the student show their abilities.