Exec. Committee

WBK Executive Committee:

On January 9th 2010,  all  WBK Senior Grades (4th Dan +),  Club Instructors and our Administration Officer were invited to attend a meeting to finalise the establishment of an Executive Committee to oversee the management and running of the Welsh Bushi-Kai Karate Association. ( This being the wish of Shihan Ritchie Noblett ).

Present were: Elizabeth Noblett, Percy Brown, Nigel Taylor, Paul Bridge, Owen Cranfield, Mark McMahon, Natacha Coleman, Dave Jowett and Mansel Jones.
Apologies for absence:  None

All those present were inducted as Committee members and unanimously agreed that the association should continue to run the way it has (very successfully) for the past 30 yrs.
The WBK Exec Committee would like to inform the Association of the following appointments:

Principal Instructor & Head of Association – Percy Brown 7th Dan

Administration & Licensing Officer – Elizabeth Noblett

Association Chairman –  Jordan Hopkins 4th Dan

Treasurer – Elizabeth Noblett

Kumite Coach – Nigel Taylor 6th Dan

Kata Coach – Mark Coleman 4th Dan

Dan Grade Examiners – Percy Brown 7th Dan, Paul Bridge 6th Dan,  Nigel Taylor 6th Dan

Association CRB Checkers – Dave Jowett 4th Dan

Squad Fitness Coach – Gary Southall 4th Dan

Mission Statement:

The Executive Committee are totally dedicated to the continued development, growth and success of the legacy left to us by  Shihan Ritchie Noblett – The Welsh Bushi-Kai Karate Association