SmallWBKlogoIn 1980, having grown tired of the political agendas and in-fighting that was common place in Welsh Karate at that time, Shihan Ritchie Noblett decided that the best way forward for his students was to form his own karate association – The Welsh Bushi-Kai (School of warriors).

The founding of the Association was a pivotal point in the development of Karate in Wales. The Welsh Bushi-Kai quickly became known throughout the UK and Ireland as a force to be reckoned with on the tournament circuit, due to the quality and discipline of its’ fighters, and for the high standards of karate within the association.

The Welsh Bushi-Kai was based around Shihan Nobletts’ Afan Lido Karate Club, in Port Talbot, South Wales, which had been at the heart of Welsh Karate since the early 1970’s. (Many of today’s’ top Welsh karate-ka have their roots in the Welsh Bushi-Kai and the Afan Lido)

(Note: In December 2009, just a couple of weeks after the passing of Shihan Noblett, the Afan Lido Sports Complex suffered fire damage. The Afan Lido Karate Club was then forced to relocate to it’s current venue in Baglan )

The Welsh Bushi-Kai soon established itself as one of Wales Premier Karate Associations, with a reputation for producing top class Karate competitors. Welsh Bushi-Kai students have won Championships and acheived medal placings  in the Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Austria and the USA  – not to mention a host of Welsh National and British Championships.

About Us:

We are a very modern association, and place a great emphasis on tournament karate. But, despite this “competitive edge”, we insist on instructing our students on all aspects of traditional Wado-Ryu Karate as we are well aware that not all of our students wish to compete. As well as tournament karate, students have the opportunity to become proficient at self defence through learning the application (bunkai) of techniques. Karate training is also an excellent method of developing physical fitness through aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

The Welsh Bushi-Kai is a Not for Profit, Independant Karate Association that puts the needs of its’ students First, and we are fully committed to developing Karate from Grass Roots Level right the way through to International Competitive Standard. Through our  Karate heritage (friendships built up over many years) we have access to Local, National and International Competition as well as the opportunities to attend seminars and courses without restrictions.

The Welsh Bushi-Kai has classes to suit all ages and abilities and newcomers are always welcome at our clubs. Our club instructors are all first class karate-ka, many with over 30 yrs+ of experience in Karate. All of our Senior Insrtuctors, Coaches and their Assistants , have recieved certified training in First Aid, Safeguarding and Protection of Children Training and have recognised Insurance cover.

The Welsh Bushi-Kai regards the safety of children and young people as paramount and works in conjunction with Sports Council for Wales / Sports Coach UK Officers to ensure that as an Association, we are up-to-date with developments in this critical area.

Our Founder, Shihan Ritchie Noblett, sadly passed away in November 2009 but has left an incredible legacy. Everyone at the Welsh Bushi-Kai are dedicated to continuing his work in providing first class tuition in Karate in a relaxed, safe, friendly environment and to promoting the art of Karate in Wales. If you require any further information on the Welsh Bushi-Kai please contact our Admin Office (see contacts page), or better still, why not come along to one of our dojos and see for yourself – You won’t be disappointed .