Dan Grading 10/04/22

What a morning for our Association, our first Dan Grading since pre Covid-19 and our candidates couldn’t of made us more proud.
You have been dedicated to your training over these difficult times, listened to us instructors and saved your best karate for today.
Many congratulations to all students this morning, there was excellent karate on display throughout all Gradings. In particular the 3rd Dan Grading was exemplary and has set the highest of standards for the Welsh Bushi-Kai.

The new WBK Dan Grades:
Shauna Holley – 1st Dan
Caitlin Chesterman – 1st Dan
Helen Banham – 1st Dan
Andrew Williams – 1st Dan
James Stanton – 1st Dan
Robyn Davies – 2nd Dan
Ruby Davies – 2nd Dan
Morgan Phillips – 3rd Dan
Thank you to all spectators that attended the grading. We hope you all enjoyed and appreciated the quality of karate produced by the WBK. A massive thank you to all instructors for your coaching, dedication and support.
The future is very bright for the Welsh Bushi-Kai and Ritchie would be extremely proud!



Dan Grading Info

Dan Grading – Sunday 10th April

Baglan Bushi-Kai Karate Club
Baglan Community Centre
Hawthorne Avenue
Port Talbot
The Grading will start promptly at 9.30 am – no one will be permitted to enter the dojo once the grading has begun. Reminder grading fees and your licence need to be submitted this evening.

Doors will be open from 9 am for the candidates to get warmed up and prepared for the grading.

Spectators are welcome to attend the grading. Spectators are welcome to enter the dojo from 9 am.

Any questions or queries, please contact me.

Dan Grading Course

Dan Grading Weeks Course
Next week sees our Dan Grade candidates begin the final stage of the Dan Grade process, the week long preparation course. The week will be long and tough but give it everything and you will without doubt reap the rewards. All candidates must make every effort to attend all sessions, this is part of your criteria. Blocks partners should attend as much as possible to aid the candidates.
Candidates do not pay any dojo fees for the course, as this will be part of your grading fee.

Monday 4th April
Neath Dojo – 6.30pm-7.30pm

Tuesday 5th April
Baglan Dojo – 7pm – 8pm

Wednesday 6th April
Margam Dojo – 7.15pm – 8.30pm

Thursday 7th April
Cwmafan Dojo – 7pm – 8pm

Friday 8th April
Baglan Dojo – 7pm – 8pm

Good luck and if you have any issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

WKL 2 Results

WKL 2 Karate Event – Neath

WKL 2 – Report 
After a long day at the tournament, the coaching team couldn’t be prouder. I cannot praise everyone enough for your attitude, eagerness and quality of karate on display.
A special mention to all our first time competitors, you all did fantastic. Win or lose, we learnt a lot today!
Well done to all competitors:
Archie Davies – U8 Boys – 1st Competition
Indie-Rose Evans – U8 Girls – 1st Competition
Harri Lewis – U10 Boys- 1st Competition
Finley Williams – U10 Boys
Reese Wigley – U10 Girls
Maison Thomas – U12 Boys – 1st Competition
Iestyn Harvey – U12 Boys
Oliver Williams – U12 Advanced Boys
Matthew Leavy – Kata & U14 Advanced Boys
Morgan Ingram – U16 Boys – 1st Competition
Congratulations to all medalists:
Cassie Davies – Gold – U12 Girls
Freya Wilson – Silver - U12 Girls
Daniel Morgan – Silver - U14 Boys – 1st Competition
Ruby Davies – Silver – U16 Girls
Mackenzie Aitchison – Silver - U16 Boys
A massive thank you to our coaches ( Jordan. Morgan & Anthony), parents, and to our friends and students from across the association for your support once again today.

Dan Grade Assessment Report

Dan Grade Assessment – Fri 18th March

Well done to all candidates that attempted the WBK Dan Grade Assessment last night.
We witnessed some outstanding karate and saw some vast improvements from previous weeks. Those students who were successful are to progress on to the weeks course and the Dan Grading,
There is still plenty of work to do and some fine tuning to work on.  – Keep up the hard work over the next three weeks.
For those students who were unsuccessful, be proud of what you have achieved so far and your journey up to this point. The Senior Instructors strongly believe that with a few more months of additional training you will get there. – As many of the instructors said from personal experiences, you do not want to be entered and fail on the day.
Keep up your hard work, commitment and support to your peers and instructors. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goal of becoming a Dan Grade.
More details will be released over the coming week in regards to the Dan Grading Weeks Course.

University Success

University Tournament News:

This past couple of weeks has seen members of the Swansea University Karate Club competing at the K.S.E in Gloucester & the B.U.C.S karate Championships in Sheffield.
Well done to everyone who represented the club at each event and congratulations to our medallists.

K.S.E Championships:
Congratulations to @robynthedr and @khyany_vanessa for getting bronze medals


B.U.C.S Karate Championships – Ponds Forge, Sheffield
Well done to the whole Swansea University squad, great performances at BUCS again this year. Congratulations to our medallists Yan Yan (silver in female novice middleweight kumite) and Khyany (bronze in female intermediate kata) You can see more from the university club on their Facebook page Swansea Uni Karate Club,@swanseauniversitykarate on Instagram and new from last week, TikTok @karate_swanseauni



Dan Grade Candidate Reminder

  Dan Grade Candidate Reminders & Information

The Dan Grading and pre assessment is fast approaching, training is more important than ever.
Students training for a Dan Grade should be training a minimum of 2 preferably 3 sessions a week. A Dan Grading is demanding and is not like any other grading.
Some of you having been training a long time for this and everyone has suffered the disruption of the pandemic.
We totally understand life outside the dojo with work and/or school commitments being important, we as instructors have been through the same process.
Important dates:
Friday 4th March – Basics and Combination Course in Baglan – 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Friday 18th March – Dan Grade Assessment – Baglan Dojo with all Senior Instructors – 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Those successful from the assessment will take part in the week long course:
Monday 4th April – Friday 8th April (Venue Details to follow)
Sunday 10th April – Dan Grading
As always any questions or queries, please do hesitate to contact me.

Kihon / Renraku Waza Course March 4th

WBK Black & Brown Kihon & Renraku Waza Course

Friday 4th March – Baglan Karate Club 7:00pm – 8:00pm
The course will focus on core basic techniques and syllabus combinations.
All Dan Grade candidates should make every effort to attend the course. Any other Black and Brown Belts are welcome to attend the course.
Course Fee = £5
Please ensure you have your licence and Training Record Cards (Dan Grade Candidates).
Any questions or queries, please get in touch.
Kihon poster

WKL 1 Neath Comp

Well done to all WBK competitors today – superb attitude, discipline, etiquette and quality of karate on display!
It was fantastic to see you all out there competing again and made us proud as coaches!
WBK Results:
Finley Williams – U10 Boys – Bronze
Cassie Davies – U12 Girls – Gold
Rory Griffiths – U14 Boys – Silver
Ruby Davies – U16 Girls – Gold
Mackenzie Aitchison – U16 Boys – Gold
Morgan Phillips – Mens -75kg – Silver
Harrison Williams – Mens -75kg – Gold

WBK Senior Team : (Morgan, Harrison, Siwan) – Bronze

A massive thank you to our coaches, parents, friends and students from across the association for the support today.



Blocks Course

WBK Black & Brown Belts Blocks Course
Thursday 17th February, Cwmafan Karate Club, 6:15pm – 8:30pm
The course will mainly focus on Ohyo Gumite and Kihon Gumite. All Dan Grade candidates should make every effort to attend the course. Any other Black and Brown Belts are welcome to attend the course.
Please ensure you confirm your attendance via the form below:

Reminder – only 30 participants can attend the course, therefore please confirm your attendance as soon as possible.
Course Fee = £5
Please ensure you have your licence and Training Record Cards (Dan Grade Candidates).
Any questions or queries, please get in touch.

Blocks poster