Photos 2008

Welsh Bushi-Kai Photo Gallery 2008

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Association Kyu Grading November 08:  [View]

Belgium International Youth Championships, Leuven:  [View]

Welsh Karate Kai Youth Championships November 08:  [N/A]

Dan Grading September 08:  [View]

WKGB Welsh Open Championships:  [N/A]

AMA British Nationals:  [View]

4th South West Open:  [View]

North Wales Open Championships:  [View]

Commonwealth Karate Championships, Edinburgh:  [View]

Brown Belt Grading May 08:  [View]

England Karate Kan Championships:  [View]

Welsh Bushi-Kai Junior tour to Derry:  [View]

Dan Grading April 08:  [View]

Bushi-Kai Kickboxers trip to Waterford:  [View]

Welsh Bushi-Kai Squad Training January 08:  [View]

Neath/Port Talbot Sports Personality Awards:  [View]