Dates 2020


Welsh Bushi-Kai 

Updated 4/02/2020

 Listed below are the dates for 2020  Gradings and Courses.  

Sunday 15th  March
Sunday 5th July
Sunday 15th November
New Venue:  Ysgol Cwm Brombil
Bertha Road
Port Talbot
SA13 2AN
9.30 am – 11.30 am


Sunday 22nd November

Venue: Baglan Karate Club.
 Doors open   9.15am,   Grading starts at 10 am


Friday 21st February in Baglan dojo 7pm Renraku Waza

Sunday 15th March at the Kyu gradings in Margam dojo 9.30am. Head and Kick blocks.

Thursday 23rd April in Neath dojo 6.30pm advanced Kata.

Sunday 17th May in Swansea university club (the old Pavilion opposite Singleton hospital), 12 noon. Pinan Kata

Thursday 18th June in Cwmavon dojo 7.30pm. Kihon Gumite.

Sunday 5th July at the Kyu gradings in Margam dojo. 9.30am. Oyho Gumite.

Wednesday 16th September in Margam dojo 7pm. Advanced Kata.

Friday 16th October in Baglan dojo 7pm. Mock grading.

Sunday 15th November at the Kyu grading in Margam dojo 9.30am. Final preparations.

The Dan grading will take place on Sunday 22nd November in Baglan dojo. 10am start.

All students are required to have their licence books and cards signed by the instructors on the night / day of the course.


Saturday 14th March
Saturday 19th September
Venue – Cwmafan Karate Club.
Doors open at 9.30 am, Course and Grading starts at 10 am.
Dates for the Brown Belt preparation courses will be announced when confirmed.