2020 Dan Grade Candidates

The following students have been registered for the 2020 Dan Grade training program:

Junior 1st Dan:
Tom Herbert
Sandro Divetta
Shauna Holley
Megan Pascoe
Isabelle Jones
Cassie Davies
Ella Pridham
Ava Griffiths
Halle Davies
Caitlyn Chesterman

Senior 1st Dan:
Salaman Tamaddori
Anthony Aitchison
Mike Gage
Helen Banham

2nd Dan:
Mathew Howard
Rob Howard
Brian Davies
Mark O’Leary
Kira Davies
Holly Taylor
Isabelle O’Leary
Angharad Aitchison
Wayne Damoo

3rd Dan:
Helena Sykes

The Dan grading will take place on Sunday 22nd November.
All course dates will published when available

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