Dec Dan Grading

As we all know 2020 has been a difficult year for us all and our karate has had nothing but disruption, from training to competitions and gradings.
To begin the year we were expecting to grade around 20 students across 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dan Grades. However, a global pandemic changed the agenda.
Some students were unable to train, many students isolating left, right and centre and a few students not quite ready (with no fault of their own).
A Dan Grading never seemed possible in these times but during a final club assessment, it seemed clear that a selection of students should be given the chance.

Recently those successful students went through an intense and gruelling Dan Grading at the Cwmafan Bushi-Kai Dojo. The Grading was conducted by Nigel Taylor 6th Dan, Jordan Hopkins 4th Dan, Gary Southall 4th Dan and David Roberts 3rd Dan.

We are proud to announce that all candidates were successful:
Cassie Davies – 1st Dan
Ella Pridham – 1st Dan
Halle Davies – 1st Dan
Kira Davies – 2nd Dan

Many congratulations girls, fantastic achievements and a wonderful way to end such a disappointing year.

To our new 1st Dans, now your karate journey really starts

Dg Dec2020 1

Dg Dec2020 2

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