WBK Retirements

The Welsh Bushi-Kai will see two of its pillars retire from the Association and Karate at the end of this year, namely Nigel Taylor 6th Dan & Liz Noblett Admin.
Each of them has dedicated over 40 years of their lives to the Welsh Bushi Kai. The WBK cannot speak highly enough of them, and the respect and gratitude everyone within the association have for them is immeasurable. Their dedication, loyalty, passion has helped shape the Welsh Bushi-Kai to the Association it is today, and we will forever be in their debt.
We are sure that all current students, instructors, parents, former members and all WBK friends from across the world would like to echo their congratulations and share many fond memories.
Thank you and enjoy your well-deserved retirements, Nigel Taylor and Elizabeth Noblett.

Nigel Taylor
In Summary:  41 years dedication to the Welsh Bushi-Kai , 27 years as Cwmafan Bushi-Kai Club Instructor, 6th Dan Senior Instructor, WBK Kumite Coach, WBK Chairman, WBK Executive Committee Member, Former Welsh Karate National Coach, Welsh Karate International & Champion.
When Nigel began his Karate journey in 1979, few of us would have thought that he could have achieved so much within the art, but there can be no doubt that Nigel has been instrumental in the success and promotion of the WBK over the last four decades, as a competitor, coach, mentor & colleague.

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Noblett
In Summary: 44 years dedicated service to the Welsh Bushi-Kai, 3rd Kyu Brown Belt, Admin Officer, WBK Licensing Officer, WBK Secretary .
Liz has been working tirelessly behind the scenes right from the very beginning of the Welsh Bushi-Kai in 1980, and for the Afan Lido Karate Club for several years before that.
Much of the success of the WBK as an association can attributed to the sheer hard work that Liz has completed in her multi-faceted role as Admin, Secretary, Officer, Course and Tournament organiser, as well as Travel Agent & Councillor !!

Good Luck to both Nigel & Liz as they move on and enjoy their lives away from Karate and, again, we thank you for all you have done and for so many great times and memories.


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