WBK COVID-19 Policy Update V2

Following the latest Welsh Government advice and implementation of legal requirements to wear face masks/face coverings in indoor public spaces from Monday 14th September, I have updated our policy and documentation.

For clarity and a brief update:
Students aged 11 years and above must wear a face mask/face-covering in public areas of a venue, for example, entrances, corridors, exits, toilets etc.
Students under the age of 11 and anyone with health conditions are exempt.
Parents/Guardians who are bringing students to a venue and are entering must also wear a face mask/face covering until they fully exit the venue.
Once all students are in the dojo and ready to begin, face masks/face coverings are not required to be worn.

Jordan Hopkins WBK Covid -19 Lead
WBK COVID-19 Policy V2   View / Download pdf


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